In 2007 I was living in Sweden for some months while working on a big music project. My friend Henny (who was the set designer for the project) said to me one day, ‘would you like to sail for a week in Denmark before you go home to the US?’ Her Dutch friend Anton had called to ask if she wanted to sail, but she had no time…so she asked me. It would be with 5 people on a replica of a late-1900’s Norwegian fishing boat (called an Åfjordsbåt). Henny discussed it with Anton, who asked, ‘Can she row?’ Important on these boats…there’s no motor, so if there’s no wind, we row! Henny said, ‘Yes, she can!’ ‘Then she’s welcome.’ And so it started. I traveled by train, ferry, train and bus to a little harbor on the east coast of Jutland called Øster Hurup, and Anton met me at the bus. Immediate connection, felt we had know each other for ages… The boat was called Siv. We had a fantastic week of sailing and companionship with a wonderful boatload of folks. I actually thought Anton was Norwegian for most of the week, since he was only speaking Norwegian and English. : ) By the end of the trip the bond between us was clear. There followed a flurry of visits in the next weeks before I should have headed back to the US…I in the Netherlands at Anton’s home, and Anton in Denmark and Sweden where I was working. I did go back to the US, for 3 weeks…and then hopped on a plane to Anton in the Netherlands. I was quite free in my life then, so I could stay…for a visit…which became a long visit, and still longer… We got married in Norway (where the boat was built) three years later, and now we live here with our little son Noah. 


Rissa, Norway


“The fine strands that life weaves…they cross one path with another…”

Norwegian:”De fine trådene livet vever…de krysser en sti med en annen…”

Swedish:”De fina trådar som livet väver…de korsar en väg med en annan…”

Dansk:”De fine tråde som livet væver…de krydser en vej med en anden…”

Dutch: “De fijne draden die het leven weeft…zij kruisen een pad met een ander…”