Glass Heart

Here is my treasured object. It is a glass heart,big enough to fill the palm of my hand. The reddish form with the gold mark is embedded in clear glass, and it sits on a small black cushion. It combines a clear indestructible body with an interior dance of forms that evoke constant change.

In the 1990’s, my mother Candace was in Seattle to get a bone marrow transplant. I went to visit her before the operation. We spent a few days hanging out and walking around together- buying fresh vegetables, talking about vitamins, eating extravagant meals of salmon and intricate salads. One day she bought this heart for me in a small shop, and wished for me a life of love and happiness. When I look at this heart, it reminds me of her, and I wonder where she has gone. Wherever it is, I feel certain that is is a path with heart. This is an immense consolation.


Dimensions (width × height)

0 × 24 × 48 in