Swanky swigs

Swanky Swigs - flowered glasses made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company - frequently to hold processed Kraft cheese. We had a number of these at our vacation home in Maine and since this was the only place I saw them as a kid, they represented a very happy place and time for me. Over the years, the glasses disappeared one by one because no one thought they were very valuable. When I started finding them at antique stores in my 20s, I’d grab as many as I could. I’m very particular - only the glasses with flowers. One year, I gave my dad about 6 or 8 of them for his birthday. Until he started asking for the Wall Street Journal for his birthday and Christmas, he was a very difficult person to buy gifts for. But anything related to Maine and the cottage was bound to be a hit and these were. He used them until he went into the hospital. Now they are in my house and I think of him and a wonderful time in my childhood every time I use them.

B.B. Bustins Island- Casco Bay, Maine