These sculptures were created during a collaborative residency through Interface at Water Street Studios, Batavia Illinois


Dawn Tutt and Greta Bell


Our  residency started in studio 24 in Feburary.  Dawn immersed herself in photo transfers,  a technique she thoroughly explored experimenting with different substrates. I made two marrionettes then  after some great talks with Dawn I was convinced to work with some skills from the past- weaving and clay work. Together we combined photos from our ancestors, metal, clay, rope,paper and random materials to form sculptures. The combined pieces reflect the kind bond we share towards one and other and the discoveries we have made along the way about self, family and community.


An important aspect of this project included community outreach. Previously we arranged a menagerie traveling art show titled “Birdland”. “Birdland” generated an opportunity for artists(painters, sculptors, mixed media, dancers, poets,…) to exhibit their art, many for the very first time. As part of our residency we wanted to share the love of art making with children. We offered a four week after school exploratory class at H.C.Storm Elementary , and a 2 part class for “WSS Art Flow”. The classes provided a setting in which children grades 3-5 drew from their imaginations and worked in clay, metal,wood and found objects.   The children were challenged to think in three dimensions and grew while creating wonderful sculptures some of which are displayed in the Hall of Smalls off of the main Water Street Studios gallery, July 10-August 22 . 


Our collaboration culminated with a group show July 10- August 22 Main gallery Water Street Studios.