Changing Children's Worlds Foundation

“Teddy” is hoping to spread more joy by being in an auction for Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation . Changing Children’s World Foundation,is a 503 (c) non profit empathy based child development program based on the International Child Development Program (ICDP), internationally recognized by organizations such as The World Health Organization and UNICEF. On September 28, 2014 they are hosting a major Fundraiser at Cantigny Golf Course in Wheaton, IL.

Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation:Empathy-based Violence Prevention



To provide support for every child and adolescent to have a strong network of adult caregivers and professionals engaged in supporting their positive development within non-violent families and peaceful communities.


Company Overview CCWF: address the child/adolescent’s full developmental ecology with a strengths-based, measurable approach. The Community/Child Capacity Development and Violence Prevention (CCDevVP) framework is aligned with the UN CRC, which establishes and promotes international best practice in children’s rights to survival, maximum development, health and social services, and protection from violence and neglect. It provides an integrated approach to community-based child protection.CRPCI: To leverage children’s rights (Convention on the Rights of the Child [CRC]) through government commitment as CRC signatory bodies, and to work with professional to build government/professional/public partnerships to establish successful child protection (CP) systems by integrating effective CP measures to maximize outcomes for every child. Every child programs will particularly focus on marginalized/vulnerable children in every country.  Description 

CCWF offers meaningful, measurable and sustainable strategies and programs, grounded in rigorous research, to those who care about children and youth, and to young people themselves. CCWF provides youth, adult caregivers and community and professional leaders the framework, information, metrics, support and tools they need to succeed in supporting children and adolescents achieve their full, positive potential.


General Information Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation (CCWF) was founded in February 2012 as a Public Charity/ 501c3 and is located in Geneva (Chicago suburb), Illinois. The Child Rights Protection Consultancy-International (CRPCI), founded in 2009, is based in the suburbs of Chicago. CCWF and CRPCI are both devoted to the children of the world.



17 August 2014
United States